City of Poreč – Parenzo

The city of Poreč – Parenzo, has  long recognized energy efficiency, sustainable development, environmental protection and e-mobility as the imperatives of the 21st century.

The city, continuously analyzes and develops guidelines for designing and implementing projects from the above mentioned areas on the local level, thus creating solid foundation for sustainable development of the city, whose successful realization results in multiple benefits for, primarily, the residents of the town of Poreč – Parenzo and all persons visiting the city, as well.

Providing an example of good practice and promoting the city as an energy and ecologically well-known ”green” tourist destination that offers each visitor an extra experience and realization that tremendous efforts to ensure that future generations can be assured that they will be able to experience the beauty of this area are being made.


City of Poreč – Parenzo is a member of Energy Cities since 2020


16 700 Inhabitants