Sustainable City Network

The formation of the City Network aims to fulfill this purpose and will be funded with the form of a civil-non-profit organization, with the intent to provide technical support in informing, networking and organizing the Municipalities which participate in it, so as to submit and realize proposals to European Programmes and utilize the added funding. The Network will be able to participate in proposals and offer support during their realisation. 

Another important issue nowadays is the overusage of natural resources and energy stacks, on a level where it is essential to take precautions. The anthropogenic activities which are proven to affect the environment must be planned and realized so as to upgrade the living conditions of the citizens and minimize their negative effects. We take that especially into consideration towards forming the directives of the Network, focusing on sustainable growth and sustainability, circular economy and energy saving, while minimizing the carbon emissions. Moreover, all actions must pertain to the Climate Change which is a recognized phenomenon. Parallel actions must be directed and support the target to efficiently manage the water resources, as, consequent to the climate change, to the development of modern models of social structure, to the technologic developments and overpopulation, is the appearance of serious problems in managing and ensuring the quantity of this precious element. 

Participating in the Network are municipalities from Greece and Cyprus with common characteristics, overcoming borders and supporting the Greeks in the topic of technical efficiency to support european proposals. Aknowledged Universities and Institutes will also participate. 

The first priority of the Network is the coordination and the organisation of its starting point. The personnel will originate from the municipalities. 

The Headquarters of the network will be the municipality of Pylos-Nestoras while simultaneously a branch will be created and will be the center of all activities. The possibility of creating branches in each municipality and also in Brussels and Cyprus is open.

The first actions to be realised, aim in organising the information on funding programs and disseminating it to the members.

Source : SCN official website


Sustainable City Network is a member of Energy Cities since 2019