Urban community of La Rochelle

The Urban community of La Rochelle benefits from a spectacular natural setting. With a total of 28 communes, 70km of shoreline and 9 communes on the sea it is a place that is maritime, rural and diverse. La Rochelle is the largest of the communes with just over 75,000 inhabitants while the remaining communes are much more rural and none of them measure 10,000 inhabitants.

In 2015 the city unveiled its plan, devised in concert with associations, community groups, businesses and others, which consists of 37 actions, divided into six groups:

  1. Prepare the urban community for the impacts of climate change
  2. Organise and build a community that minimises carbon
  3. Engage stakeholders in the battle against climate change
  4. Facilitate the switch to low-carbon mobility
  5. Reduce the carbon impact of regional stakeholders
  6. Move the collective towards a leadership position


Urban community of La Rochelle is a member of Energy Cities since 2011


165 000 Inhabitants