Metz Métropole

The metropolitan status

Since 1 st January 2018, Metz Métropole appear on the map of 22 major French cities, those which attract investors and major projects.

The law of February 28, 2017 “Status and Paris metropolitan planning” offers new perspectives to our territory by easing the conditions for obtaining the status of Metropolis.

The town, in the heart of an area of ​​jobs of over 500 000 inhabitants and former capital region is now eligible for that status. This historic choice and allows Metz Métropole to commit to more integration in respect of communal identity, to play its full role in the Great East.

A radiant metropolis

Becoming a mother is to be stronger and more visible to the benefit of the whole territory and to all the inhabitants, to create jobs, grow the economy, strengthen our attractiveness and our radiation.

A coherent metropolis

Become a metropolis that is more readable our actions in clarifying the division of fields of intervention and exercise the powers necessary for the implementation of projects. The metropolis status involves a transfer of powers to Metz Métropole.Elected in cooperation with 44 municipalities together define the scope of these skills.

A nearby metropolis

Become a metropolis that is sure to be closer to you, placing the proximity and responsiveness at the heart of public policy. Solidarity and representativeness common continue to be met. Municipalities remain at the heart of decision making in political bodies.

Amongst other responsibilities, Metz is engaged in the protection and enhancement of the environment troughout these actions :

  • Collection and processing of household and similar waste
  • Fight against air pollution and noise
  • Contribution to the energy transition
  • Support actions to control energy demand
  • Development and adoption of the territorial climate-energy air-plane
  • Concession of the public electricity and gas distribution
  • Creation, development, maintenance and management of heating networks or urban cool
  • Creation and maintenance of charging infrastructure for the use of plug-in electric or hybrid vehicles
  • Management of aquatic and flood prevention

Source : Metz official website


Metz Métropole is a member of Energy Cities since 2009


125 000 Inhabitants