Nantes Métropole

The Climate Plan, which was adopted in 2007, encourages the energy transition and consolidates the fight against greenhouse gases. It forms an essential part of the action taken by Nantes Métropole. The objective is to half CO2 emissions per capita by 2030.

The European Commission named Nantes European Green Capital on account of twelve criteria which illustrate its desire to offer inhabitants a particularly healthy and pleasant living environment: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, striking a balance between urban and natural areas, providing public green space per inhabitant, organising soft transport and public transport, safeguarding biodiversity, ensuring air quality, combating noise pollution, managing water, managing waste, managing the environment and informing inhabitants, businesses, tourists and partners.A vibrant and growing city

Naming Nantes as European Green Capital in 2013 was accompanied by a host of events that bolstered its involvement in promoting sustainable development, thereby confirming its position as a real pilot city.

Nantes also played host to a dozen international conferences in 2013, including the 10th Ecocity World Summit focusing on the sustainable city, the World Forum on Human Rights and the European Biogaz trade show.

Source : Nantes métropole official website


Nantes Métropole is a member of Energy Cities since 2006


580 000 Inhabitants

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