Urban community of Pau

The Pau Béarn Pyrénées urban community is located in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department and the New Aquitaine region. It includes 31 municipalities with a total population of almost 162,000 inhabitants.

The Pau Béarn Pyrénées Urban Community is committed to the implementation of its Climate Action Plan, which aims to develop a strategy and actions in favour of the climate and energy transition.

On the occasion of the “Three Days for Climate” which took place in Pau in December 2018, a “Territorial Objectives Contract” was signed with ADEME, offering new perspectives for the coming years and strengthening the energy-climate policy of the Pau Béarn Pyrénées Urban Community.

The urban area seeks to improve the daily lives of its residents by renovating streets, facades, squares and promenades, by constantly mobilising to keep the city clean and safe and by putting in place a calmer traffic flow through the 30 km/h zones and the bicycle plan.

Source: www.pau.fr


Urban community of Pau is a member of Energy Cities since 2007


153 070 Inhabitants