Community energy espresso training

4 hands-on modules for local governments to level up their city-citizen collaborations!


Publication date

February 22, 2023

Espresso [uh·spreh·sow]: A concentrated coffee beverage brewed by forcing hot water under high pressure through finely ground coffee. 

Get your dose of community energy knowledge in small, strong shots. As much as caffeine boosts your brain, this self-paced e-learning will increase your alertness and wellbeing around the renewable energy community topic – in only 8 hours over 2 months. And it’s free!

Energy communities can be an immensely powerful tool for a local government to bring people together and make benefit everybody in many ways. For an energy community to be thriving and diverse, it needs the involvement of the local government. You wish you’d be one of those proactive and supportive local governments, but you don’t know where to start? We know you have little time and always urgent things coming in. This is why we designed this self-paced e-learning course for municipal employees and leaders on community energy. You only need to free a total of 8 hours over the next 2 months to complete 4 modules of 2 hours each. 

Energy Cities’ espresso training is for you!

Starting in April, Energy Cities’ community baristas offer you an espresso community energy tasting over 4 courses. Different beans, same brain boost:

  1. Introduction: what can cities do around energy community
  2. Financing and co-investment
  3. Facilitating dialogues
  4. Giving access to municipal assets

Each module will only require 2 hours of your time and will include 5 shots of community caffeine:

1: Get into the flow

2: Read, watch and listen

3: Analyse, solve, map, identify

4: Learning by doing exercise

5: Self-evaluation

For some modules, optional extra curricula activities such as webinars and peer learnings will be organised for the class to come together and dive deep into the topic. Personalised online support will be also available at a monthly frequency, where experts will answer questions that might arise from the modules.

When: May-June

Who: Local government representatives

Where: Online

Time: flexible, you decide

Cost: Free

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