Energy Cities’ Expectations from the Climate Pact

There is a clear need for more Europe to go more local. This should be the motto for the forthcoming Climate Pact.

The Problem

Everywhere around the world, infrastructure and services, livelihoods, food and energy systems are being threatened by extreme weather conditions or predatory use of resources. Experience shows that solutions cannot be imposed top-down by central authorities. They require citizens, academic institutions, local economic actors, government and civil society at large to join forces in order to devise common solutions that would genuinely leave no one behind.

The Solution

Devising a new societal pact, based on a reformed set of values and standards that redefine our relationship to our local ecosystem and our respective responsibilities and commitments in addressing the climate threat. These pacts would be Resilience Contracts to support cities and their communities in jointly redefining their relationships to local ecosystems and their respective responsibilities and commitments to ensure the well-being of citizens. Whether at territorial, social or economic level, this would also help us give new meaning to the word “cohesion”, one of the most valued aims of the European project.

Download our Position Paper to learn more about how the Climate Pact can play a major role in confronting Europe’s challenges.



Alix Bolle

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