German Mayors call upon Chancellor Merkel for greater climate support and action

A joint letter by the presidents of Energy Cities, Climate Alliance and ICLEI

In an open letter to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the president of Energy Cities and Lord Mayor of Heidelberg, Eckart Würzner, and the presidents of Climate Alliance and ICLEI networks – also Mayors of German cities -, proposed a strategic partnership with the German Federal Government on the basis of a permanent exchange. In addition, the Federal Government must create good framework conditions for local climate protection. This includes extended and adapted financing of local climate protection measures.

Among the concrete demands made in the letter are the introduction of climate protection as a mandatory task at all political levels, the passive house standard for buildings and a levy on CO2 emissions. The undersigned presidents of all three city networks are Mayors of German cities.

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Joint open letter from the presidents of Energy Cities, Climate Alliance and ICLEI

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