Polish-German city cooperation: promoting low emission actions on a local level

Our collective member PNEC (Polish Network of Energie Cités) initiates German-Polish city partnerships to foster exchange of experiences and solutions on the road to a low-emission economy.

Decentralized solutions, verified and successfully implemented by cities and their stakeholders, play a key role in boosting the energy transition on a European scale. Though each local authority is different – having its own history and peculiarities – they are all confronted with similar challenges and obstacles when it comes to tackling climate change and environmental pollution.

Energy Cities’ French-German TANDEM project has already demonstrated how cross-border city-to-city partnerships inspire the partners to set up joint energy and climate initiatives.

Indeed, the TANDEM idea seems to spread : With the “Polish-German Cooperation on Low Emission Economy in Cities”, the network of Polish local authorities PNEC, together with the Berlin-based think tank Adelphi, launched a similar project. It promotes partnerships with cities from both sides of the Oder river to facilitate intercultural dialogue. Other important components of the project are the facilitation of knowledge transfer between Polish and German municipalities as well as with other local stakeholders and the development of an integrated approach promoting climate actions and air pollution control altogether.

Currently, the project is still looking for German participants. Thus, if you represent a German city willing to join the project and to exchange good practice with a Polish partner, you are very welcome ! You will find more information with regard to the application process and the project’s next workshop on energy management in cities here :
Call for interest (GermanEnglish)
Workshop programme

Article by Matthias Kühnbach


Publication date

May 27, 2016