Porto: Fighting energy poverty through deep renovation of buildings

The deep renovation of the neighbourhood of Rainha Dona Leonor resulted in a significant reduction of energy consumption, an increased production of renewable energy, reduction of CO2 emissions and an increased quality of life for local residents.

Rainha Dona Leonor is a neighbourhood of 150 multi-family dwellings built in 1953. The buildings, made up of concrete structure, brick walls and light weight slabs, had never been upgraded, which led to a profound state of degradation of the neighbourhood. The city council had to decide whether to undertake deep renovation works or to demolish the buildings.

In 2009, Porto’s City Council opted for deep renovation and decided to reduce the total number of buildings in Rainha Dona Leonor from 150 to 90, by increasing the dwellings area and adjusting it to today’s life patterns of its citizens. The total gross heated area that was renovated amounted to about 5,000 m2. Renovation of the Rainha Dona Leonor neighbourhood was completed in 2014 and funded through Porto’s own resources.[…]

This article is an extract from a Covenant of Mayors case study. Read it here.

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Floriane Cappelletti

Publication date

October 5, 2016