One-stop-shops and energy retrofit packages for homeowners

Objectives of the INNOVATE project

The main objective of the INNOVATE project is to develop and roll-out integrated energy efficiency service packages in 11 target territories.

Implementing energy retrofits of residential buildings involves a myriad of market players – construction companies, craftsmen, real estate agencies, financing institutions, consultants, energy auditors – who are not organised and coordinated so as to offer easy, global and guaranteed energy saving solutions to homeowners.

Cities and regions have the most accurate knowledge of the buildings, energy sources and people in their areas. They are in the most favourable position to develop together with their partners integrated energy efficiency service packages attractive for homeowners. Such a package should include:

  • Development of products adapted to consumers’ concerns
  • Targeted marketing & communication
  • Independent advisors who accompany homeowners through the renovation process from A to Z and guarantee its high quality at each stage: information > preparation > financing > implementation > monitoring of results.
  • Coordination of a chain of suppliers and contractors to deliver a global high quality solution to homeowners
  • Long-term and affordable financing.

What is Energy Cities doing in INNOVATE?

Energy Cities coordinates the project and is responsible for communication and dissemination of the project activities and results.

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How to set up a one-stop-shop for integrated home energy renovation?

How to set up a one-stop-shop for integrated home energy renovation?

A step-by-step guide for local authorities and other actors

If you are part of an organisation that plans to launch a one-stop-shop, this guidebook is for you. You can find learnings from the project and recommendations that will help you to kick start your project.