Fostering the market uptake of renewable electricity, heating and cooling technologies

The progRESsHEAT project aims at assisting local, regional, national and EU political leaders in developing policy and strategies to ensure a quick and efficient deployment of renewables in the heating and cooling networks.

It is in line with the objectives of the Renewable Energy Directive and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive that require Member States to develop ambitious policies as regards the use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in heating and cooling networks.

It aims at supporting and stimulating the market of renewables and heating and cooling technologies.

The project relies on the preparation of strategies for developing heating and cooling networks in six pilot cities of six European countries (Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Portugal, Romania) based on an in-depth analysis of demand and future needs in heating and cooling, on the long-term potential of renewables and waste heat, drivers and barriers and 2050 scenarios.

What is Energy Cities doing in progRESsHEAT?

Energy Cities promotes the project and disseminates its results in other EU countries, in order to strengthen favourable conditions to the raise of the market of renewables in heating and cooling networks on a European level.