Renewables Networking Platform

Cities and regions on the 100% renewables road


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European Commission DG ENER


2017 - 2021


Energy Cities

If we want to increase the number of renewable projects in Europe, we need to set up the right policy frameworks and to connect the right actors (policy-makers, citizens, companies, NGOs…) with each other. This is, what the Renewable Networking Platform project aims at, while monitoring the advances in renewable policies both at national and sub-national levels.

While the European Parliamentary network EUFORES and some partners will assess Member State efforts, Energy Cities will focus on renewable energy deployment by regional and local authorities. Together with partner organisations, we will particularly look into experiences and needs in six priority countries : Spain, The Netherlands, France, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

The main aim of our work is to amplify local voices in European renewables politics to ensure that the at least 27% renewable target is met !

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Energy Cities’ mission in the RNP project

  • Examine the barriers and bottlenecks to RES development at the local and regional levels in the EU Member States (with a particular focus on Czech Republic, France, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and the Netherlands).
  • Fuel the debate amongst public authorities around successful local policies, cost-efficient technologies and replicable methods of implementing renewable energy measures.
  • Examine the potential for improving national support policies targeting the local and regional levels
  • Create a feedback loop between the subnational and national authorities as well as the European Commission