Smarter Together

Smart and Inclusive Solutions for a Better Life in Urban Districts

Smarter Together is a pilot project that aims at developing ICT solutions for the energy transition in urban areas. A special focus will be on residential housing renovation, production and consumption of renewable energy and mobility. LyonMunich and Vienna are the three leading cities in the Smarter Together project. Smarter Together is a Smart Cities project supported by the European Union in the framework of the Horizon 2020 programme.

Besides the three pilot cities, further followers cities are involved, seeking inspiration for their own development : Santiago de CompostelaSofia and Venice as well as the two “observer” cities Kiev and Yokohama. This large group of cities is supported by a consortium of close to 30 European partners: local authorities, research centers, industries, consultants, universities and cities networks like Energy Cities.

Objectives of the project

With its 25 million EUR budget and bold objectives for 2020, the project aims at boosting the energy transition through ICT solutions in the following areas:

  • supporting landlords in the energy-efficient refurbishments of their house;
  • developing renewable energy;
  • fostering electric car-sharing systems;
  • implementing a centralised system for manageming heat and electrical needs at the district level.

Lyon will be experimenting smart solutions in its Confluence district by enlarging the already built area. In Munich, three distinct districts will be involved. Vienna will especially deal with the refurbishment of social housing of the 50’s and 60’s. Other local authorities, such as Santiago de Compostela and Sofia, will be more focusing on city center renovation.


What is Energy Cities doing in Smarter Together?

Energy Cities is a partner in the Smarter Together project. Energy Cities is in charge of the promotion of Smarter Together while ensuring the necessary exchanges between the leading cities and the ones with a view to implement these kind of solutions in the mid-term. Two of the leading cities, Lyon and Munich, are longstanding members of our network.