Impact Report 2019

How Energy Cities energised policy, people & places



Energy Cities

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Welcome to the Energy Cities Impact Report for 2019. A year when the members of Energy Cities stepped to the fore to “Show, Share and Shake” ideas, projects and plans about how to build a better city for people. This report is not about what we have done, it is about the impact we have had on the people, places and policies that determine how we live.

#SHOW : people and cities that drive the work we do

People are what make cities worth living in and they are what makes Energy Cities so successful.

#SHARE : places are changing in inspiring ways

Places are constantly changing. Energy Cities has been fortunate to work with countless members in changing their cities for the better.

#SHAKE : policy rules for cities & people to further a shared energy transition

Policy is a vital part of city building. The correct policy rules allow cities to better achieve their potential in the energy transition.