Roast (don’t rust) your skills on community energy!

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You know that energy can be shared, but you don’t know how to make it happen? You have heard about community energy, but you’re not sure about how your local administration can support and initiate it?  

Civil servants, prepare yourselves and your local authority to become community energy supporters! Develop your skills around 6 shots prepared by your favorite baristas:

  1. What can cities do around community energy? (introduction)
  2. Financing and co-investment
  3. Communication and facilitating dialogues
  4. Giving access to municipal assets
  5. Public procurement & PPAs
  6. Community Energy Roadmapping

The training is free of charge and will be running this year from 1 April till 31 August. So, don’t wait too long: enrol now!

EARLY BIRD BONUS: We offer a sponsored trip to Energy Cities Annual Forum in June in Valencia for the 5 early birds who have progressed the most in the first month of the course!

Designed by city people for city people

You wish you’d be one of those proactive and supportive local governments, but you don’t know where to start? We know you have little time and always urgent things coming in. This is why we designed this self-paced e-learning course for municipal employees and leaders on community energy. You only need to free a total of 10 hours over the next 2 and a half months to complete 5 modules of 2 hours each. Once you’ve taken all the shots, done the knowledge checks and submitted the practical assignments, you’ll get your certificate of completion.

Through a nice combination of theory, case studies, reading, listening, watching and interactive activities, participants gain valuable perspectives. The training forum and additional live classes help students build networks that extend far beyond the class room.

Part of the wide Community Energy accreditation scheme

The Espresso training is part of the LIFE LOOP community energy accreditation scheme for local authorities. The completion of the scheme recognises municipalities demonstrating foresight in energy community matters. It is a first step to becoming a community energy leader.

See how your municipality can get accredited: