The Energy Transition Chronicles: Behind the scenes of successful energy transition processes

Energy Cities’ publication “The Energy Transition Chronicles”, driving you behind the scenes of successful local energy transition processes, is now available in English.

The cities of Schönau (Germany), Växjö (Sweden) and Heidelberg (Germany), and the regions of Burgenland and Brussels-Capital all started, more or less recently, their own energy transition process.

Today, Heidelberg has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Germany and is building the world’s largest renewable district, 88% of the energy consumed in Växjö come from local renewable sources and Burgenland became self-sufficient as regards electricity in 2013. On their territories, quality of life greatly improved : better air quality, development of public transport, stronger social links, involvement of citizens in the local policy activities…

Why, how, with whom, for what results? We interviewed local players and decision-makers to find out more.



Floriane Cappelletti

Publication date

January 17, 2016