Fostering gender-diverse energy communities

How to make energy communities inclusive for all


Publication date

November 17, 2023

Let’s start with a statement: Energy communities are something for white, rich and well-educated people. What do you think about that? There is some truthg in it as this “privileged” part of the population is still very much overrepresented in energy cooperatives and energy citizen initiatives. But this is not a fatality! We need to make sure community energy involves a very diverse group of people, including all gender, race, income class, religion etc. Energy, this precious common good, needs to be in the hands of each and every citizen, no matter who he/she is, what he/she does, where he/she comes from…

Gender equality is a value the LIFE LOOP team is strongly defending and that will flow into each and every new energy community we are about to establish with our pilot and satellite cities! In this blog post, Sara Tachelet and Antonia Proka (PhD) give a brief overview of‘s ‘gender power’ work.

? GOOD TO KNOW: Our LIFELOOP resource library also contains useful documents and toolkits that will help you creating gender-just energy communities. Check it out!