These are the 10 trends reshaping climate and energy policies

What will change in livelihoods, energy markets and policy frameworks in the future?

The impacts of climate change are already felt today in Europe and across the globe. But a changing climate is not the only variable that is affecting climate and energy policies. A new study from the European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC), the EU Commission’s think tank, has identified 10 key trends that are transforming our societies, economies and energy systems.

The EU Commission has recently presented its vision for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050. It has emphasized that this aim is possible and desirable, and would provide major social, economic and health benefits to citizens. But uttering such a claim is one thing – the other, more important one is: is the EU executive’s proposal in touch with what is going on in our world?

In order to answer this question, the Commission’s in-house think tank EPSC has deciphered 10 crucial trends that are currently reshaping livelihoods, energy markets and policy frameworks, and how these will determine whether Europe can achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Here they are:

  1. Climate Change: From distant threat to here and now
  2. A changing energy mix: renewables surge, but fossil fuels still dominate
  3. As business shifts to clean energy technologies, financial markets follow suit – slowly
  4. Benefits of environmental economy spreading unevenly
  5. Energy demand transformed, as responsible consumerism kicks in
  6. Digitalisation driving an energy revolution
  7. Electrification rhymes with democratization, as well as fragmentation
  8. Pivot East: rising energy demand in Asia drives innovation
  9. New energy supply risks emerging
  10. Net-zero emissions no longer a dream, as innovation gradually delivers

In our analysis, we break down the 10 trends identified by the EPSC in detail. You can read the full analysis of the EPSC study.

Read more: Link to the full EPSC study “10 trends reshaping climate and energy


Publication date

January 7, 2019