4 Steps to Building a Renovation Wave

Key lessons from renovation pilot projects in Europe

The Renovation Wave is the key pillar of the Green Deal. If successful, it can transform Europe’s environmental performance, drastically improve the health and well-being of citizens while driving a boom in employment.

But it is not necessarily simple.

Energy Cities’ members have been renovating different types of buildings in different circumstances all over Europe for years. We’ve culled that experience down to four steps that must be in place in order to build a strong and long-lasting renovation wave.

  1. Take a district-level approach to renovation
  2. Massive deployment of ‘one-stop shops’
  3. Address the skills gap
  4. Create a European Renovation Financing Facility

Download our position paper to learn more about our expectations of the Renovation Wave and the logic behind those four steps. Each step brings with it immediate challenges but also offers a wealth of advantages. Cities have been doing their best to upgrade existing building stock for years, but have lacked the human and financial resources to develop the comprehensive district-level plans that will double the current renovation rates in Europe and bring them to a level in line with Europe’s climate ambitions. The Renovation Wave is the best opportunity to give them the support they need.



Adrian Hiel

Publication date

June 8, 2020