A Good summer energy in Bielsko-Biała!

The Beskids Festival of Good Energy – 6th edition of a very popular and recreative festival on energy, environmental and climate protection – took place this summer again in our member city of Bielsko-Biała.

As every year, the event supported by the Municipality of Bielsko-Biała, has attracted an impressive number of participants: nearly 600 preschoolers from 20 kindergartens, 1200 students from elementary schools, middle schools and high schools from the area of Bielsko-Biała, as well as their families and hundreds of residents.

Everyone could take part into lively games (like the “Respect Energy, Protect the Climate”competition) and win energy-efficient goodies offered by private supporters, learn more on energy thanks to scientific workshops organized by high school students from the region, and enjoy a number of funny activities throughout the day, like a balloon release symbolising the “Bielsko-Biała Protects the Climate” campaign and its 300 climate ambassadors or the participation to a swap party, a good way to get familiar with the circular economy principles, without looking like it…

Watch a video report from the event:

Bielsko-Biała has been an Energy Cities member for 20 years and is an active member of its Board of Directors.

“Bielsko-Biała Protects the Climate” initiative is based on the Energy Cities European ENGAGE campaign.

Read a complete report of the event on the Polish Network Energy Cities’ website.


Publication date

August 23, 2016