A new European initiative in support to energy communities

The European Commission's Energy Communities Repository was launched on 20 April in Brussels with an enthusiastic networking event.



Floriane Cappelletti

Publication date

May 10, 2022

With access to secure, sustainable and affordable energy being a burning issue in Europe, climate communities are a beam of hope in a really urgent situation.

Launched by the European Commission, the Energy Communities Repository aims to support and monitor energy communities’ activities across Europe, within the framework of a just transition to climate neutrality that allows citizens to take control of energy consumption and production.

In practice, the Energy Communities Repository will offer three main types of services:

1 – Data collection & analysis​

The Repository aims to increase awareness, understanding and engagement around the topic of energy communities​. The coordination team will analyse and provide guidance to Member States, regulators, EU policymakers and financing institutions of the landscape, forms, challenges, legal and regulatory frameworks and benefits of energy communities​

“We need the [national] governement to introduce clear guidelines and frameworks.”

Zuzanna Sasiak, Polish Green Network

​2 – Technical Assistance

The Energy Communities Repository will provide direct technical assistance, as well as online twinning and peer-learning activities, and EU and national capacity-building webinars and workshops.

The initiative will provide support to at least 150 energy communities in setting up their groups, advancing their projects and developing financing concepts, and will train national experts to support the development of national one-stop-shops and encourage replication​.

“A combination of ground support and advisory really makes the thing possible”

Ruth Buggie, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

3 – Best practices and toolbox

Through a dedicated website, the Energy Communities Repository will share best practices, guidance materials, policy analysis database, a map of energy communities, a Helpdesk, etc.

Stay tuned!

  • The first call for applications for Technical Assistance will open in June!
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