A Political Board of Cities to steer the EU Covenant of Mayors


Publication date

February 13, 2017

The European Commission’s Covenant of Mayors held its first political board meeting on Friday 10 February 2017 in Brussels.

“Mayors in Europe have been committing to climate and energy issues for years now. We are achieving great results, on track to deliver our part of the EU 2020 objectives. A number of cities have done even more. We are ready to go further, in line with the Paris Agreement, but for that we have to change investment scales, and the scales of transformation of our cities. This is why the partnership with the European Commission also needs to change scales. We have to enter into a permanent dialogue phase where our daily experience in transforming cities is reflected into the EU legislation and programmes. This is the reason why we created this Political Board of Mayors”.

– Mayor of Heidelberg and President of Energy Cities Eckart Würzner

Launch event of the EU Covenant of Mayors Board with Mayor of Heidelberg and President of Energy Cities Eckart Würzner, Mayor of Ghent Daniel Termont, President of the Province of Barcelona Mercè Conesa i Pagès, Director of REGEA Julije Domac, Vice-Mayor of Växjö Asa Karlsson Björkmarker, and Mayor of Udine Furio Honsell.