Energy-efficient Sport Facilities and Student premises

In the Buitenhof area in Delft, a new energy efficient sports hall is built as well as 88 student premises. The building is connected to the district heating and possesses individual meters. The new sports hall is about 78% more energy efficient than the old one.


The Buitenhof area was originally built in the 1960s-1970s and was highly energy consuming. A contest was organised and teams of project developers were to take into account the Delft Climate Plan within their proposals for a complete redevelopment of this area. The assets of the total development finance the new sports facilities.


Create an energy efficient building that fulfils the ambitions of the Delft Climate Plan and is connected to district heating.

Project description

  • Student premises demonstrate energy efficiency by means of a high performance, demand regulated individual ventilation system. They have individual metering in a collective heated building.
  • Sport facilities have a heat recovery system, high efficiency lighting (presence detection), automated power control on ventilation equipment, double joint sealing and floor heating.
  • The facilities are designed in such a way that no cooling is necessary.
  • The building is connected to new local district heating network.


The new sports hall consumes about 78% less energy than the old sports facilities. The energy use is 11% less than national regulations in the sports facilities and 23% less for the student premises. The energy performance is 13% better than 2009 Dutch building regulations.

Next Steps

In the next phases of the redevelopment of the Buitenhof area, the targets of the Delft Climate Plan will be taken into account. The whole area will be connected to the district heating system.


A contest for (re)development is a good instrument and phase to introduce energy and climate goals in big projects.

Further Information

Name: Peter Rommens
Position: Specialist Sustainable Building & Energy
Organisation: Delft municipality
Tel. : +31 15 260 2107