“Metrominuto Modena” is a sustainable mobility project that aims to promote walking for shortdistance urban trips, using a “transit-like” map indicating the walking distance between the most important locations of the city centre and its surroundings. Giving the objective is short-distance urban trips, this project considered a coverage area of approx. 10 sqkm, i.e. the city centre and its nearest surroundings. The area was determined based on the main attractive locations at a reasonable walking distance from the main central square (Piazza Grande).


The intent of the map is to show that, with just a few minutes walking, you can reach many interesting location, while many people often think of car as the first and only travel option. The points indicated in the map are various, from touristic landmarks to the main services (station, hospital, University, sport centres, parks, car parks). The itineraries are differentiated by colours, for each link the length in meters is indicated, as well as the walking time of each link. This map is not made specifically for commuters but many of the points in the map could attract work trips or be a good reference for people working near them.


This project consisted in a communication campaign, to encourage walking trips. It is not easy to quantify the results of this campaign, the map has been published on the Municipality main information and social pages, and has been highly shared by many local stakeholders, such as local associations involved in the sustainability issues. Printed copies were also distributed and made available at the Municipality offices. The citizens’ reception was good; the Municipality has been frequently asked to replicate the map for cycling.

Advice for replication

The key factor of the project was the choice of the points (locations) indicated in the map. The map needs to be easily readable, and the points should be “landmarks”, i.e. they should be recognizable by everyone and representing the real attractive points of a city. Both walking and cycling distance can be indicated, keeping in mind that not all roadways nor sidewalks can be cycled in comfortable and safe conditions.

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Name: Silvia Bernardi
Position: Transport planner at the Mobility and Traffic Office of the Municipality of Modena
Tel: +39 0592032368
E-mail: silvia.bernardi@comune.modena.it