Biking in Bielsko-Biala (PL): a city on the move


Publication date

February 10, 2015

After the campaign “Save energy, protect the climate”, the municipality of Bielsko-Biala continues its way to sustainability with “BBbike”, a new self-serviced bike rental system.
BBbike was launched on 1 October 2014.

The system completes the transportation policy of the municipality, the mix between public transport and bike rental system is a good combination toward a better quality of life.

The system consists of 12 stations and 120 bikes. 
The stations are spaced every few hundred meters, which makes it easy to reach the selected area at any time. It operates 24 hours a day in the spring, summer and autumn. When renting a bike, every first 20 minutes of driving are for free. 

The municipality proposes a website which explains how to use this system, how to rent a bike…
All information on BBbike : or on facebook : 

Bielsko-Biala has been a member of Energy Cities since 1997 and its Deputy Mayor, Zbigniew Michniowski, is a Vice-president of Energy Cities.

Recently, M. Michniowski has been awarded by the Laurel of Skills and Competence regarding his work to the development the Polish-Czech-Slovak border in the framework of the Euroregion Beskidy.
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Bielsko-Biala is an exemplary municipality which has led actions for sustainability and the quality of life for its citizens over the past decades, find all actions of Bielsko-Biala in our best practices database.