Brasov HUB-IN: A people-centric destination for all

Learn about how to repopulate your historic urban area and fight museumification

Brasov is one of the most beautiful and greener Romanian cities. Located within the Transylvania region, tourism is one of the main pillars of the local economy. The city is committed to sustainability in all its forms, from promoting ecotourism to developing greener policies, in an effort to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

Brasov wants to become a people-friendly destination, a sustainable example for other cities, fighting neglect, museumification, and gentrification in the city centre. While tourism is very important for the city, the preservation of authentic and local identity is likewise fundamental.

Sustainability, creativity, cooperation and tradition are at the heart of the Brasov HUB-IN

During the co-creation and co-design work conducted in the framework of the HUB-IN project, stakeholders and citizens highlighted traffic congestion and the state of the buildings, as well as a lack of attractive events and job opportunities as the main challenges. Moreover, they asked for more quality services and events, more activities in the park, more areas for arts and crafts, more tourism services, and more activities for children.

The historic urban area involved in the HUB-IN project is Brasov’s touristic heart. It includes the area of the ancient fortress of Kronstadt, as well as the Drama Theatre, the Fortress Hill, the old centre – Unirii Square.

Brasov HUB-IN is committed to fighting against the abandonment of the historic urban area caused by the touristification effects, the intense commercial activities and the lack of preservation of the local identity and heritage. The goal is to turn it into a people-centric place, home to a range of innovative and creative entrepreneurs.

Brasov’s hub focuses on highlighting tangible and intangible heritage, creating an equilibrated public space among its different functions (cultural, commercial, leisure, relaxation) making sure the city center continues to be inhabited by locals, who are part of its soul and are the custodians of the local heritage. It is an open-air hub, with playful, educational and relaxation spaces. By using the discrete benefits of public seating, the city involves its residents in the development of a vibrant social life.

A roadmap will guide the implementation of a series of concrete actions aiming to boost sustainable tourism and give back Brasov to its inhabitants. Read more about the project here.

Through the HUB-IN project, eight city pilots are transforming selected historic urban areas into “Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship“. Visit the HUB-IN website to learn more.