Brest prepares the ground for collaborative climate action

TOMORROW project allows cities to involve different actors in the transition


Publication date

May 28, 2021

During a virtual visit to Brest (France), TOMORROW’s partners were given a overview of the many activities the Metropolitan Governement is carrying out to allow citizens and other local actors to have their say on the future of their city.

While the Local Climate Plan, with its 60 key actions involving 13 different sectors, defined actions that are mostly led by the metropolitan government and its established partners (agencies, public companies etc…), TOMORROW is providing a great opportunity for them to create new partnerships and involve different actors in the transition of their territory. Thanks to the project, they will be able to reach out to them and ask how their activities can contribute to Brest climate and energy objectives, how they can make their city a more liveable place.

Brest process towards the creation of the local transition roadmap

The metropolitan government is targeting a wide and diverse audience, from citizens and civil society organisations to companies and municipalities. They planned to structure their activities along 4 main areas. Read the full article to learn more