Destination 100% Renewable Energy: How far are cities?

The road to 100% renewable energy obviously passes through ambitious actions from cities. In the framework of the EU Renewables Networking Platform Project, Energy Cities sheds some light on where cities are in this transition process and what obstacles still remain.

In 2017, 6 national workshops were organised on this topic in the Netherlands, Spain, France, Poland, the Republic Czech and Slovakia. They helped cities learn from one another on the latest trends and techniques around renewable energy deployment at local level and assess bottlenecks preventing further progress. Often, the lack of adequate resources and funding from the national level was highlighted as a key obstacle, along with insufficient coordination between sectors and government levels. This year, the exercise should be repeated again in the first four countries mentioned, notably with the intention of establishing links between the soon-to-be recast Renewable Energy Directive and its impact at local level.

Renewable energy projects carried out by local authorities from all EU countries will in addition be posted regularly on the Renewables Networking Platform website.

So for now, feel free to share this brochure widely and stay tuned for more info coming soon !



Alix Bolle

Publication date

January 30, 2018