Do you have expertise in developing smart cities solutions?

EU-funded Scalable Cities initiative is looking for experts in Smart City Business Models and Financing Schemes (1) and Smart City Replication Strategies (2).



Floriane Cappelletti

Publication date

May 5, 2023

Two calls for smart cities experts open

As part of their Expert Group, Scalable Cities has launched two new calls for experts to condut studies around smart cities solutions, open until 23 May.

1 – Study on Innovative Smart City Business Models and Financing Schemes

2 – Study on Smart City Replication Strategies.

What do experts have to do?

The Scalable Cities Expert Group is a networking and co-working community of experienced and motivated smart city experts ready to provide technical advice and support to the Scalable Cities and the European Commission.

  • Participate in Task Groups: Experts participate in and contribute to the work of the Task Groups established by the Scalable Cities to work on specific smart city related themes. 
  • Provide ad-hoc technical expertise: Experts are contracted on short notice to provide expertise in specific areas (such as replication, dissemination activities, topic report on new trends and technologies).  
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer learning: Experts are mentoring peer-to-peer activities and support the upscaling of the smart city solutions and replication.

More information on the initiative and how to apply on the Scalable Cities website here.