European Smart and Lighthouse Cities Amplified

SCALE is a city-led initiative that will provide large-scale, long-term support for the cities and projects involved in the H2020 Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse Group with 18 projects and 128 cities participating.

SCALE will serve as a unifying element, networking and connecting all Smart CIty projects trying to improve the overall performance and enhance the significance of the Smart Cities and Communities Group by creating a supporting framework providing enhanced cooperation, design, communication, logistical support, consultations, and application of a stable governance approach.

Energy Cities is responsible for the city coordinators group, outreach to the CoM and other city led initiatives and to set up and manage a grant to support the replication of smart cities solutions.

The SCALE initiative launched the Call for Experts!


The SCALE initiative (European Smart and Lighthouse Cities Amplified) , launched in September 2020 as a support initiative and secretariat to all  Horizon 2020 Smart […]