European Smart and Lighthouse Cities Amplified

European Smart and Lighthouse Cities Amplified is a city-led initiative with the aim to engage in a collaborative effort stakeholders, policy makers, industries, researchers and citizens.

It works to create more inclusive and resilient smart cities that could respond and adapt to the dynamic shift of climate change by deploying innovative and carbon-neutral technological solutions, employing sustainable practices and implementing green policies in order to create a more livable and socially inclusive space for citizens and residents.

In partnership with the European Commission and CINEA, European Smart and Lighthouse Cities Amplified provides large-scale, long-term support for the 120 cities and 18 Lighthouse projects involved in the Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse Group.

Established to serve as a unifying element, networking and connecting all project stakeholders and guide them towards Europe-wide replication, European Smart and Lighthouse Cities Amplified helps to improve the overall performance and enhance the significance of the Smart Cities and Communities Group. 

Energy Cities is responsible for the city coordinators group, outreach to the Covenant of Mayors and other city-led initiatives and to set up and manage a grant to support the replication of smart cities solutions.


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2021 - 2025


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