Empower and accelerate energy communities – Manifesto to guide the EU elections 2024

The Community Power coalition's Manifesto for the 2024 European Elections


Publication date

October 26, 2023

The Community Power Coalition launched its manifesto, “Empower and Accelerate: Energy Communities for a Democratic, Resilient, and Affordable Energy Future in Europe.” This significant moment coincides with the celebration of the coalition’s 10-year anniversary.

Claire Roumet, Director of Energy Cities says: “Local authorities are strong allies of the community energy movement. But they need more guidance on how they can support – such as via public procurement – and more human and financial resources to dedicate to these collaborations. ”

Dirk Vansintjan, President of REScoop.eu says: “Climate change is a global crisis requiring collective action—from individuals and communities to authorities, social economy actors like renewable energy communities, and profit-driven companies. With the right enabling framework, renewable energy communities can mobilize citizens, their support, and savings to accelerate the energy transition and promote energy democracy.”

The manifesto envisions a decentralized and 100% renewable energy system that prioritizes the needs and participation of people. It embodies the principles of democracy within the energy sector, ensuring that it is not just for the people, but by the people.

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The Community Power Coalition brings together a diverse network of about 50 like-minded organisations across Europe – including associations representing energy cooperatives, networks of cities and local authorities, the renewable energy industry, legal experts and environmental NGOs.