Encounter with our georgian member, Rustavi

On 28 and 29 November 2017, in Tbilisi (Georgia), some 20 selected journalists from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova participated in a workshop organised by the Covenant of Mayors East Office in order for them to get more familiar with the objectives and processes of the world’s biggest urban climate and energy initiative.

After the indoor presentations of the first day, the delegation visited the city of Rustavi – the first Georgian Energy Cities member – in order to see some concrete realisations implemented by this 125.000 inhabitant industrial city. In particular they had an opportunity to visit the Park of Culture and its new public lighting system as well as a newly energy efficient kindergarten that was reconstructed with the support of the European Union under the Covenant of Mayors Demonstration Programme.

They also had an opportunity to meet and exchange views about the city’s achievements and future plans with Rustavi’s mayor, Mr Irakli Tabaghua.

At this occasion and on behalf of both Covenant of Mayors and Energy Cities, Mr Christophe Frering congratulated Mr Tabaghua for his very recent election and thanked him and the City of Rustavi for their participation in the Covenant of Mayors as well as for their constant commitment in favour of their voluntary policy in the field of energy efficiency and climate change.

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Publication date

December 7, 2017