Extended deadline! Join our working groups to tackle districts and buildings’ decarbonisation!

Let's brainstorm together to tackle districts and buildings' decarbonisation



Amélie Ancelle

Publication date

February 7, 2023

The latest energy crisis shed light on the need to accelerate the decarbonisation of heating systems and the renovation of buildings. There is a political momentum to stress again the key roles of municipalities in this process. Key EU legislations are under revision and will have to be transposed nationally, and Member States are renewing their National Energy and Climate Plans. To ensure that the local level is heard and supported, we at Energy Cities have decided to leverage our hub on fossil-free districts and buildings and brainstorm with our members.

The launch of the three working groups

In 2023, we are launching three working groups for municipal experts and elected representatives to tackle districts and buildings’ decarbonisation.

Working GroupWhoWhy
Heat planningMunicipal experts and technicians (heat decarbonisation projects and strategies)Boosting the decarbonisation of the heating systems in your territory
One-stop-shops & renovationMunicipal experts and technicians (building decarbonisation)Boosting the renovation of the built environment in your territory
Municipal gas stranded assetsA mayor or a city councillor in charge of the planning of infrastructures / the energy supply / the decarbonisation strategy of your territory / the local financesMaking long-term investment decisions on gas grid decommissioning


The objectives of the working groups are to:

  • Support you in the definition of your strategies and implementation of your actions (knowledge-sharing from EU funded projects and experts).
  • Exchange best practices and difficulties between municipalities across Europe, discuss national dynamics and existing legal framework linked to the topic.
  • Share direct feedback from the ground to feed our advocacy work.

What to expect and how to apply?

Working groups will meet online three times between April and June. A final meeting will be organised, in person, during Energy Cities’ annual conference on 18-19 October 2023 in Modena (Italy). During this closing session, we will share the different findings and experiences with a wider Community.

Interested? Have a look at the different calls for application and apply by Wednesday 15 March!