Epernay and Ettlingen: A successful TANDEM for the local energy transition

The twinning arrangement between the French city of Epernay and the German city of Ettlingen was initiated in 1953. It is the second oldest city-twinning agreement between France and Germany.

Further to the kick-off meeting of the TANDEM project, held in September 2014 in Strasburg, the cities have decided to extend their partnership to climate and energy issues. The involved staff members quickly realised they had much to bring to one another.

Mayor of Epernay Franck Leroy (front) and Mayor of Ettligen Johannes Arnold (back) – May 2015.

Since October 2013, three meetings have already taken place, leading to fruitful exchanges on several themes such as district rehabilitation, refurbishment of residential buildings, solar register, Agenda 21 and citizens’ engagement. Several projects are currently ongoing: staff and school exchanges and above all, the joint procurement of an information bus on energy retrofitting bus aimed to citizens.

The TANDEM project has contributed to the development of a tight cooperation on climate and energy issues between Epernay and Ettlingen, supported by Bérangère Lataillade, in charge of Sustainable Development issues in Epernay and Eberhard Oehler, director of Ettlingen’s municipal energy company (Stadtwerke). Epernay has even integrated this cooperation into its new Agenda 21.

The TANDEM project is jointly led by Energy Cities and Klima-Bündnis, in close cooperation with KEA, the Climate & Energy Agency of Bade Wurtemberg.

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© photo Ville d’Epernay

Article drafted by Aline Charlon.


Publication date

June 11, 2015