2021 URBACT City Festival



From 15 June 2021 to 17 June 2021



After two years of experimenting, exchanging and learning, over 150 URBACT cities are ready to share how they made a difference. Delving into 23 urban good practices proven to have made an impact, cities from 25 countries joined forces to understand, adapt and re-use the initiatives in their local contexts. Throughout this event, you can:

  • Hear from city staff willing to show and tell their journey
  • Get up to speed on the big issues facing cities today
  • Connect with peers and get inspired to try something new

Cities have been in the frontline of the global pandemic, but a window of opportunity has been opened for sustainable change. If you want your city to be more green, more just and more aligned with the needs of citizens… this is the exchange space you need.