Deep Energy Renovation: Already All Around Us



The 08 October 2019 from 16:00 until 18:00


Brussels, Belgium

Renovate Europe Day 2019

From heritage buildings, to schools, to multi-family homes, there are many best practice renovation cases to be seen across Europe, some of which will be discussed at this event. Speakers at this moderated debate will share their expertise and learning in the field of energy renovation and show that not only is deep energy renovation possible, it is already taking place throughout Europe. Speakers at this moderated debate will include:

  • Alex Paterson, Chief Executive of Historic Environment Scotland, the lead public body concerned with protecting, understanding and sharing Scotland’s historic environment;
  • Joonas Kerge, Communications Manager, KredEX, a highly successful project provides technical assistance, loans and guarantee funding to encourage the uptake of ambitious energy renovation in Estonia.

To showcase the fact that deep energy renovation is not only possible but is already underway we have been collecting examples of some of the most impressive energy renovation projects and financing programmes from across Europe. Guests to the Renovate Europe Day moderated debate will also have the opportunity to visit this exhibition showcasing the best in deep energy renovation.