Urban Lunch Talk #17: Regenerative Green Neighbourhoods and Circularity Transitions – The Do’s, Don’ts and Dilemmas

A webinar organized by JPI Urban Europe

Downsizing District Doughnuts – An Integrated Approach for Urban Greening and Circularity Transitions
Downsizing district doughnuts hinges on the three Rs of reduction, regeneration, redistribution in order to break the unsustainable linear economies of make-sell-waste. Increased efficiency in resource use alone comes with risks of rebound effects, hence reuse is not enough and a reduction of consumption is needed to keep within the ecological ceiling. In turn, transition pathways towards regenerative cities and urban areas are needed, in order to be active upcyclists and drive a planetary economy. As boundaries and operational limits are set, this furthers redistribution among practices and actors to foster sustainable urbanisation.



The 16 April 2021 from 13:00 until 14:00

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