Governing energy transitions in cities

Join our energy transition learning relay!

Energy Cities and Drift are launching an energy transition learning relay in the framework of the project TOMORROW. We believe there is the need, now more than ever, to build resilience strategies addressing both climate and health issues and search for potential opportunities to build more sustainable, liveable and just cities.

  • Do you work in a local authority or are you involved in supporting the sustainability transition in collaboration with municipalities?
  • Are you interested in learning more on how to envision and facilitate sustainability transition processes in your city?
  • Do you want to learn how to facilitate a multi-stakeholder governance process accelerating the energy transition?
  • Do you want to learn from peers motivated to foster sustainability transitions in cities?

If your answer is YES, this learning relay is for you! Our 3-months peer-learning programme for elected officials, civil servants and civil society actors motivated to foster energy transition governance processes in (their) cities will be launched on 22 October 2020 in Brussels (or online)!

It will support participants to connect, learn and share experiences on how to foster energy transition governance processes in their cities. We will bring in the knowledge and experience gathered as part of the TOMORROW project on how to envision and facilitate energy transition governance processes. More specifically, we will share expertise on transition governance and how to develop transition roadmaps. Participants will learn from the experiences of TOMORROW’s pilot cities and other pioneer cities in Europe.

The programme is designed around a learning question chosen by each participant, related to fostering energy and sustainability transitions in cities. Throughout the training, you will deepen and explore your learning question thanks to a peer-to-peer and experiential learning supporting participants to put their ideas into practice.

You can have a look at the programme to find out more. Application are welcome before 30th June.

Do you have any question? Get in touch!