Workbook for urban transition makers

collaborative analytical tools to support sustainability transition in cities



Giorgia Silvestri, Drift
Julia Wittmayer, Drift
Tessa de Geus, Drift

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TOMORROW’s Workbook for urban transition makers is a collection of collaborative analytical tools for change makers willing to contribute to sustainability transition in cities.

More specifically, this workbook explains the tools to get started with so-called transition governance.

These tools will allow you to:

  • Know how to analyse the dynamics of your system;
  • Arrive at a shared understanding of the different actors in a system and their roles;
  • Bring together and facilitate groups of change makers as to reflect on their individual and collective understandings of the system.

This workbook is for anyone who would like to adapt and implement transition governance processes in their city. For instance, change makers who want to design a long-term roadmap or strategy, to facilitate multistakeholder collaborations, to experiment with innovative solutions, or to conduct action
research in their city, etc. This means that it is for everyone who would like to design, adapt and implement a process aimed at supporting sustainability transitions in their cities/communities.

The tools presented in this workbook relate to the very basics of transition
governance, i.e. analysing the transition dynamics within a city.