“Happy Birthday Energy Cities!” – Stefan Scheuer, Coalition for Energy Savings

Energy Cities is bringing fresh wind to the energy transition since 25 years

It has become clear that Europe must hurry up to get away from a fossil-fuel based economy and from its centralised supply-side dominated energy system, if it is to provide a secure, safe and attractive future. In practice this means turning the energy system upside down and putting energy efficiency, Europe’s largest energy source, first.

Cities and their people hold the biggest share of this new energy source, but are still prevented from using it. Their buildings and transport infrastructure are the places with the biggest energy saving potential, but instead failing markets and policies prioritise investments in fuel exploration and imports and centralised power generation.
It is high time we did away with that and ensure that cities can participate in the future energy system that can benefit people and their environment.

Local authorities are already frontrunners in this transition, and Energy Cities has managed to catalyse efforts while providing visibility to innovative approaches, new ideas and groundbreaking practices.

It has not only shed a different light on the issue. It has also inspired a wind of transition over Europe. As a member of our unique multi-stakeholder alliance, Energy Cities constantly provides inspiration on how public authorities can put energy efficiency first in all policies and investments.

During the last 25 years, Energy Cities has provided a space for local authorities who strive to be at the forefront of the energy transition. Energy and resource challenges will still be there 25 years from now, and I hope Energy Cities members will continue leading the way in a resource-constrained world.

Stefan Scheuer
Secretary General
Coalition for Energy Savings

Energy Cities is turning 25! 
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Publication date

April 27, 2015