How MEP Karins’ Draft Report on EU energy market design is hindering citizens’ energy

In the draft report local energy communities have been marginalised and diminished


Publication date

August 1, 2018

Local Energy Communities should be at the heart of the energy transition. The ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans’ Package presents an opportunity to provide citizens and communities with a supportive framework to participate across the energy system.

The Commission proposal for the energy market design contains several positive elements that would help provide a level playing field for consumers and local energy communities. But in the draft report from the Member of the European Parliament Krišjanis Karins (the rapporteur for this file), local energy communities have been marginalised and diminished.

The report proposes to roll back several positive elements of the Commission’s proposal. Also, it misses an important opportunity to clarify key provisions on local energy communities.

This briefing, published by the Community Energy coalition, analyse critical aspects of the report. It also presents key recommendations for the European Parliament to ensure that the legislation on internal market design can support citizens and community enterprises, ensuring equal treatment and non-discrimination.