“Our priority for it is to be just.”

Interview with Jakuta Imširović, expert associate for environmental efficiency, City of Zenica (BiH)

Jakuta Imširović



Jakuta Imširović


Expert associate for environmental efficiency, City of Zenica (BiH)




Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina


ArcelorMittal Steelworks is not only a big employer in the city of Zenica in Bosnia and Herzgowina. The international steel producer is also responsible for a big part of the city’s major problem: air pollution. In this episode we’ll learn about how a city with heavy industry can drive the energy transition. This time we’re with Jakuta Imširović: Besides working for the city administration, Jakuta teaches at the University of Zenica and works as an expert in environmental protection on several projects with the Institut Kemal Kapetanovic.

The city of Zenica, a coal and steel producer, lies right in the center of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jakuta talks us through the different projects of the local government to increase efficiency, including Toplana Zenica plant. She proudly presents the city’s ambitions, but she also mentions the issues regarding the lack of knowledge around new energy practices at the local and national political level and the sometimes difficult role of the city.

Join us in the Western Balkans and let’s have a look into the culture shift underway in Zenica to transform the city into a more energy efficient, healthy and just place.

This episode was recorded via internet. It is part of “City Stories” which is brought to you by the EU project mPower. mPower explores how cities and citizens can manage the energy transition together – in a fair, clean and democratic way. Participation can happen at various stages: from involving citizens, local NGOs or businesses in the policy design to any stage of the energy value chain: for example as shareholders or even prosumers. The mPower project gets funding from the European Horizon 2020 programme.

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