Keeping it fun at the Cities & Citizens Energy Forum

Discover the social activities we are planning for you in Heerlen!


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February 26, 2020

The Cities & Citizens Energy Forum is a unique opportunity to learn about new engagement tools, successful projects and experiences from energy transition pioneers. During the different sessions, you will be able to discuss with local and European representatives how to reach ambitious climate and energy objectives together. However, we are making sure you will also have some fun and discover Heerlen, our host city!

During the week of the Forum, you will have the chance to…

Visit Heerlen and the local energy company Mijnwater

Heerlen City Council will offer different tours to the Forum’s participants on Wednesday 22 and Friday 24 April.

  • Did you know that Heerlen has Roman origins? You will be able to see ancient remains and learn about the city’s mining history during one of the city-walks.
  • If you are more into modern art, don’t miss the street art tours or the visits to the modern “Moon District”…Art is everywhere in Heerlen, if you know where to look.
  • The company Mijnwater has developed a unique low temperature heating and cooling network across the city, using the geothermal energy of flooded coalmines. For this visit, they will open the doors to some of their facilities and energy stations. A great occasion to learn about this innovative renewable energy technology!
Credits: Heerlen City Council

Meet the locals for dinner

The Forum’s moderator Eugene Quinn from Space & Place has developed the concept of Social Dining and successfully tested it in different cities. On the night of April 22nd, you can live like a local and get a sense of place in Heerlen. At the same time, this dinner will be a unique opportunity for locals to hear about your hometown! It will make for a conversation adventure, and a useful exchange of ideas.

Enter one of the local museums

Are you thinking about spending the weekend in the area? The city is offering to each Forum’s participant a free ticket to access one of the many local museums. From modern and contemporary art, to Hoensbroek medieval castle or the Roman bathhouses…Plenty of options to learn a little bit about Heerlen’s long and fascinating history.

Credits: Heerlen City Council

Learn about local electricity production thanks to an exhibition

With the project “La Pile”, the association City Mine(d) identified 14 electricity pioneers of today. An exhibition launched in May 2019 shows their achievements, ambitions and bottlenecks. We are bringing this exhibition to Heerlen with the help of the municipality. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about great examples of electricity production at local level!

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