Local Authorities Advancing Community Energy: A manifesto


Publication date

October 9, 2023

Local authorities must play a leading role in driving a local, equitable transition. There is a great window of opportunity that local governments must seize. That is why the LIFE LOOP team, including cities and cooperatives, calls on local leaders to abide by the main pillars of this brand new Manifesto:

  • A commitment to support community action. Commence a public, open and transparent dialogue to co-create a roadmap for local, inclusive energy transition.
  • Adopt a multi-level strategy to promote local clean energy production and energy conservation (establishment of a local ‘Energy Office, Local Community Awareness Strategy).
  • Integrate social policies into the local energy strategy: provide free (or very cheap) electricity to vulnerable households. Create local jobs, especially for young people and people facing social exclusion.

In the wake of the escalating effects of the climate crisis (e.g., floods, storms and fires), but also of increased economic and social inequalities, local authorities must and can defend the public interest by investing in the local economy and activating the local community. Such an approach will ensure local energy security and resilience, strengthen local economies by offering attractive new alternatives and jobs (especially for young people), and contribute to the collective protection of the local environment.

Click here to read the Manifesto…and spread it to the political leaders in your country!