Local governance from A to Z: Energy Cities releases Positive Glossary of the Energy Transition during COP21


Publication date

December 4, 2015

As Energy Cities held a workshop on local governance in the framework of COP21 just yesterday, the European association of local authorities in energy transition seize the occasion to release its latest publication.

“Local Governance from A to Z: Positive Glossary of the Energy Transition” invites you to discover the multiple facets of a collaborative city, based on our over 25 years of experience of what works well in Europe.

26 letters, 26 concepts: test them out and scale them up! As a policy-maker, you can get inspired by this positive glossary and write new locally-driven stories to deliver the vision of low energy territories with high quality of life for all!

C as in… Cooperatives

Across Europe, cities and their citizens take action to radically change the energy market. Thousands of individuals are collectively investing in local, renewable resources. As members of an energy cooperative, they take the production and distribution of sustainable and affordable energy into their own hands. Some local authorities are following the example of these post-carbon pioneers and buying into cooperatives. Energy democracy is on its way!

…inspired by Pamplona (Spain)
Som Energia, established in 2010, is Spain’s first renewable energy cooperative. Supported by the city of Pamplona and others, it produces and sells 100% renewable electricity, thanks to smallscale production plants situated close to its members. Just 100 euros is enough to participate. Today, Som Energia is active throughout Spain and has 22,000 members. With annual generation of 5GWh, it can power the homes of 2,000 members.

Wanna know what the other letters correspond to? Time to learn your energy transition alphabet! 🙂