Chortkiv is a city in Ukraine, located in the south of Ternopil region regional Administrative center of Chortkiv District and Chortkiv urban territorial community.

The population of Chortkiv urban territorial community is 36561 people.

The written mention of Chortkiv dates back to 1522, when the Polish King Sigismund I the Old issued a deed of ownership to Jerzy Chartkovsky.

On September 4, 2022, the city celebrated its 500th anniversary.

Chortkiv City Council is a signatory of the “Covenant of Mayors-East” from 2016 and “Mayors for Economic Growth” (M4EG) initiatives. The Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan 2030 has been developed and is being implemented. The city has implemented a system of online energy monitoring of consumption in budgetary institutions of the community. There is a department of municipal development and energy management. The city is undergoing European Energy Award certification and has a 4-year action plan.

Sister cities of Chortkiv urban territorial community are Grosuple (Slovenia), Béziers (France), Tulsi (Latvia), Cauşeni (Moldova), Ležajsk, Zawadzke, Dobrodzień community, Korchyna community (Poland), Pervomaiskyi town, Gola Prystan, Trostyanets, Tetiiv (Ukraine).

The city suffered from the armed aggression of the russian federation. On 11 June 2022, a terrible act of military aggression took place – missile struck the military and civilian objects.

The community received 3,200 internally displaced people since the beginning of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation, who were provided with comfortable places of residence, clothing, food, hygiene products. The employment assistance was also provided.

There are some enterprises on the territory of Chortkiv city  territorial community: “Chortkivmoloko” (milk processing and production cheese), “Golski Svit Company” (waffle products and semi-finished products), “Chortkiv forestry” (forest products, round wood, chips plaster, firewood, blanks for parquet), “Billerbek Ukraine feather-down factory” (down and feather pillows, synthetic pillows, down, wool, synthetic blankets), “CE Bordnetze-Ukraine” (cable and conductor products for cars, cable networks for cars) and “Agro-product” (production of meat and meat products). They fill the local and state budgets, including the export of products.

Desired spheres of cooperation:

  • Joint writing and submission of applications for EU programs with members of the Energy Cities;
  • Development of the solar potential of the community and the implementation of solar energy projects in the public sector;
  • Decentralization of energy generation and energy consumption;
  • Exchange of experience on landscaping and adaptation to climate change;
  • Development and implementation of an action plan for the circular economy.

Source: Oleksandr Karpenko, municipality of Chortkiv


Chortkiv is a member of Energy Cities since 2023


36 560 Inhabitants