Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy

Together towards sustainable, climate-resilient and vibrant cities.

Cities and towns gathered around one shared ambition

As part of the European Covenant of Mayors movement, cities and towns are taking climate and energy action to secure a better future for their citizens

The Covenant of Mayors gathers local governments all of sizes and from all countries around three main objectives:

  1. reducing CO2 emissions,
  2. increasing their resilicence to climate change,
  3. ensuring access to sustainable, secrure and affordable energy to all.

The European Commission created the first Covenant of Mayors Office in Europe in 2008, following the adoption of the 2020 EU Climate and Energy Package. As of June 2020, the movement counts over 10, 000 signatories and in Europe, 320 million citizens live in a city which is a signatory to the Covenant of Mayors.

Supported in their commitment by a wide diversity of players

Signatory local governments commit to submit, within two years after formal approval by the local council, a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) which specifies the actions they will undertake to reach their objectives. The local governments are asked to report on their progress every two year.

Thanks to the Covenant of Mayors, signatories benefit not only from the experience of thousands of other cities but also from a community of stakeholders that are supporting them in designing and delivering their energy and climate actions. Provinces, regions, energy agencies, associations… are joining the movement as Coordinators or Supporters to this purpose.

What is Energy Cities doing for the Covenant of Mayors?

Since the very beginning, Energy Cities has been leading the Covenant of Mayors – Europe Office (created in 2008) and the Covenant of Mayors – Eastern Europe and South Caucasus Office (2011).

Energy Cities is also one of the official Covenant of Mayors Supporters. As such, Energy Cities has been encouraging its member cities to join the movement and demonstrating their key role in reaching the EU energy and climate objectives.

Mayors across Europe are stepping up their climate ambitions

Signatories of the Covenant of Mayors - Europe officially endorsed their new vision for this movement on 21 April

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Financing opportunities for Sustainable Energy & Climate Action Plans

In a series of four publications, the Covenant of Mayors - Europe Office guide you through the maze of funding and financing solutions for your local energy and climate actions.

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Networking the Covenant of Mayors

Networking the Covenant of Mayors

Guidebook to accelerate the implementation of the Covenant of Mayors via national clubs

The political impact of the Covenant of Mayors in the municipality remains the uncontested positive aspect. The Covenant objectives provide a clear goal for local energy and climate policy and help to create awareness on the importance of integrated energy strategies and climate change mitigation. Municipal actors can refer to the commitments made in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors to push certain actions forward and to not lose track.