Regional Energy Agency North

Regional Energy Agency North was established in 2009 as public, independent and not-for-profit institution within the programme Intelligent Energy Europe. It was established by cities Koprivnica, Varazdin and Virovitica with an aim of providing support, consulting and related services to all participants directly or indirectly involved in energy in North part of Croatia. Establishment and first three years of operation were co-financed by EU. Further operating of the Agency is co-financed by cities founders through their annual budgets but also through activities of the Agency in the free market.

Regional Energy Agency North deals with renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, rational use of energy and environmental protection. Activities that the Agency covers are following:

  • Development and implementation of national and EU funded projects
  • Energy audits of buildings in the public and private sector
  • Thermovision
  • Development of plans and analysis for sustainable use of energy
  • Development of energy balances, sustainable energy action plans, and different programs and studies
  • Consulting services and technical help for public and private sector
  • Organization and implementation of national and international educational workshops, seminars and conferences related to renewable energy sources, energy  efficiency and rational use of energy
  • Promotional and awareness rising activities related to energy efficiency and environmental protection
  • Cooperation with top experts and coworkers from Croatia and abroad



Regional Energy Agency North is a member of Energy Cities since 2020



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