Regional Energy Agency North

Regional Energy Agency North is an independent not-for-profit institution established in 2009 by three founder cities in Croatia: Koprivnica, Varaždin and Virovitica. Its mission is to provide technical assistance to public authorities and other local and regional stakeholders in northern Croatia, in order to build their capacities.

REA North assists public stakeholders in northern Croatia in planning SECAPs and Joint SECAPs, while offering local and regional sector planning and technical support in the fields of building’s energy renovation, public lighting modernisation, RES usage, EV and other e-mobility infrastructures.

They also raise awareness on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and rational use of energy in order to promote a climate energy transition.

Spreading expertise and climate-proof energy solutions at all scales

Since their creation, they have been involved in several European projects on various topics, including energy efficiency in buildings, e-mobility, energy planning and also financing models as part of the Infinite Solutions project with Energy Cities. The agency is also a mentor organisation in the ongoing and completed H2020 PROSPECT project on peer-to-peer learning around innovative financing.

This project has enabled the development of innovative financing schemes, business models, organisational structures and partnerships as a way of accelerating the energy modernisation of their building stock.

REA North joined Energy Cities in 2020 and has been supporting and promoting the Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy since 2014.

A technical help and support for all regional and local stakeholders

The regional agency has introduced joint purchasing of electricity for public institutions and has become one of the largest public purchasers in Croatia. About 200 public buildings are energy managed by the Regional Energy Agency.

It also supports public and private buildings – including cultural heritage buildings – in their energy renovation projects, as well as solar PV installations for single-family homes with a one-stop-shop and revolving funds.

The Agency has also gathered extensive knowledge on green public procurement and was the first public institution in Croatia to successfully implement a public procurement procedure for energy efficiency innovation.

In cooperation with the city of Koprivnica, REA North has created the Living Lab Koprivnica, the first of its kind in this part of Europe, focusing on smart city solutions and the development of local innovation ecosystems.

Source: official website of REA North; Energy Cities’ website.


Regional Energy Agency North is a member of Energy Cities since 2020